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When you visit our office, your smile is our top priority. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized,
gentle care that you deserve. Here are some of the services and procedures we offer:

✙ Dentures - Lab on Premises

denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and the tissues connected to those teeth

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✙ Crowns and Bridges

A crown is a restoration that covers, or "caps," a tooth to restore it to its normal shape and size, strengthening

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✙ Dental Implant

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically anchored into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth

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✙ Root canals - single visit

Underneath your tooth's outer enamel and within the dentin is an area of soft tissue called the pulp

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✙ Fillings (tooth colored)

A composite filling is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth.

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✙ Cleaning and polishing

Many people dread teeth cleanings. Between the prodding, strange noises, and occasional

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✙ Cosmetic bonding

From subtle changes to major repairs, your dentist can perform a variety of procedures to improve your smile.

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✙ Bleaching

Your wedding is coming up, and you want your smile to be its brightest. Or maybe you have an important speaking

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✙ Extractions

Breast cancer patients, individuals at risk for osteoporosis and those undergoing certain types of bone cancer therapies

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✙ Periodontal (Gum Treatment)

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